Flange Wizard Circle Layout and Burning Guide (496-28439)

Flange Wizard Circle Layout and Burning Guide (MSRP $94.85)

  • Circle layout tool with sliding soapstone holder and 360° scale on the magnetic base. 
  • It will cut circles up to 30" in diameter (When you remove the base you can cut holes as small as 4")
  • Bolt circles, hole locations, baffle plate placement, and circle sectioning for any number of reasons is a snap 
  • As a circle burning guide, use this same tool to cut a round plate; simply place the sharpened pin of the layout tool into your center punch mark and let the magnet slide down to sit firmly on the work surface
  • The magnet is strong enoug to support the weight of your torch, which frees your hands for more cutting control
  • Bushing ID is 41/64" (.640)
  • Use the Chariot Cutting Guide for larger circles

Warning: Never use the magnetic base or suction cups when cutting small holes. The heat will damage the magnets or the rubber suction cups! 


Supplied by PL Welder in Capitan, New Mexico

Price: $81.30