Leather Mini-Cape - Left XXXL 23" (PL1056-LXXXL23)

  • P/L Welder product - hand cut and sewn in USA
  • Colors shades vary from hide to hide - scroll through the pictures with the bubbles under the picture.
  • Made of cowhide that has the soft, supple feel of fine garment deerskin with toughness and durability of cowhide- generally a 3.5 to 4 oz leather.  Ocassionally we get leather that is a lighter weight. 
  • Water-resistant
  • Adjustable brass snaps on the wrist and neck, rivits on seams at stress points for durability
  • Kevlar® stitched
  • Color: these vary from hide to hide
    • Saddle tan is our flagship color
    • Palomino is a lighter yellow/blonde color
    • Med. Brown is a dark chocolate brown color
  • Sizing:
    • If you wear a large shirt, you probably need a large mini-cape
    • If you plan to wear several layers under the mini-cape then go to the next size up
    • For sleeve length measure the length of your shirt sleeve from the top of the shoulder to your wrist
Price: $70.95


Leather Quarter Jackets, Mini Capes and Sleeves

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